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Hi Chris, 

I purchased both my ASIAir and iExos from Ontario Telescope as they had both in stock, prices were reasonable and the owner was very responsive on email and answering my questions (I'm new to astronomy/AP also:)...plus they have a small storefront 30 mins from where I live :)

Note, don't use Canada Post as a delivery option, they are very slow these days. It may cost a little more but I'm finding UPS is pretty good and the Ontario Telescope site sends you tracking updates direct to your email.

As a beginner, I find the amount of software/hardware options, configurations and combinations is really overwhelming. Everyone that's experienced has their own rig and their processes work on that hardware setup but seldom others. So, with iExos and the ASIAir we essentially have a common hardware *and* software base we can build from (the ASIAir takes a big step towards being hardware agnostic so my UI screen will look exactly like your UI screen. My process should be repeatable for you also)

I've added the ASIAir PA process to the guide...and below that is Wade's start-up procedure. I've also added the procedure for switching the iExos to a serial/USB cable necessary for the ASIAir and the firmware upgrade process for the iExos (the latest eeprom is required for Wade's process to work). I should have that ready later today. I'd appreciate feedback for any improvements.



On Fri, Aug 21, 2020 at 7:55 AM Chris Bourque <chrisjbourque@...> wrote:
On Fri, Aug 21, 2020 at 01:51 AM, Mario wrote:
Thanks for the updated steps....I've put them all into an 'ASIAir Pro with iExos 100' guide which I'll post into the ASIAir forum.
I would be very interested in your guide for this, Mario! You guys are getting me pretty pumped to try this ASIAIR Pro device. It sounds like a very elegant solution to (what seemed to me) like a very clunky procedure. That is, the idea of setting up an auto-guiding system seems quite daunting to me as a beginner to AP. Coupled with the fact that you need a dedicated computer system capable of processing the necessary images and software, and have this all setup outside in the cold/wet. Not to mention the multitude of options in terms of software setups.

I am really quite excited about the idea of the ASIAIR Pro, and think it would be an excellent investment for me.
Mario - quick question. I see in your signature you are located in ON, Canada (I am in New Brunswick). Where would you suggest I purchase the ASIAIR from? OntarioTelescope seems to have them listed, but they are currently on back-order (along with pretty much everything ZWO branded). Just curious if this is who you went with as well?



Streetsville, Ontario

Mounts: iExos 100, Skyguider Pro
Scopes/Lenses: Main/Orion 80mm, DSLR/Tamron 18-400mm lens, guide/ZWO-340A
Eyepieces:  20mm, K9MM, KE100
Cameras: Canon T2i DSLR, ZWO120MM (guide)
Imagine Software: iPolar (for Skyguider polar alignment), iCap, Explorestars, Canon EOS Utility
Processing Software: Photoshop

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