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Mirko Gude

Hi AnonAstron(?) 

Maybe you already found this PDF. 

It is for Windows, but there is a workflow diagram which is useful. I would suggest to read this first. As a Macuser I was not so familar with these things and I was alwas a little bit afraid, that I never could switch back ;-).

Note, there is also a Mac Version for Packet Sender. For me it worked also, but I prefer the terminal solution as it is normally „on board“. 

To switch the IEXOS 100 form UDP to Serial on a Mac with the Terminal App you can use these commands. I assume, that the IEXOS100 is in UDP Mode and you are connect with the WIFI Network from the Mount.

Open a Terminal and enter

nc -u 54372

Then enter 


Now you are in TCP Mode and you can switch to Serial, use this command:

nc 54372

And enter 


Now you are in serial mode and have to connect with a USB cable to the IEXOS 100.

Going Back to TCP/UDP

In CoolTerm you can use the Standard options, change the Baudrate to 115200. And select the correct Port! Under Options—>Serial Port you will find a menu for Port. Select the Port which is connected with the mount. At the moment I can’t tell you exact description, but you will figure it. If in doubt, check the options with the unpluged and pluged mount over USB.

I’ve also changed under options—>Terminal from Raw Mode  to Line Mode, than you have a input line to enter ESX! which is the first step, if you want to switch back to TCP / UDP and Explore Stars.

Hope that helps.


Am 21.08.2020 um 11:01 schrieb AnonAstron via <Sc.anon@...>:

Mirko, could I ask you to post the commands you use with nc and CoolTerm to do the switching please?  I’m sure this would be of great interest to a number of pmc-8/Mac users to avoid having to resort to Windows. 

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