Re: Notes on tuning the EXOS-2/PMC8 mount hardware V2 #EXOS2

Darryl Ellis

Outstanding document Robert.  I only meant to scan it while here at work, lol, but found myself going through it in a lot more detail than I had planned. 

Thank you for explaining the heavy east and camera heavy balancing.  For some reason I have had trouble getting my head wrapped around that concept.  However, your explanation made it apparent.

You may recall that at one point I posted that I was getting five minute subs with my Exos 2 using an RC6.  Balance and proper guide scope were the key.  Well I have returned to a modified version of that, but have not yet repeated those results.  This made me start thinking about how I can better balance things and improve the performance of my setup.

Your guide provides the information I need to deep dive into making the necessary improvements.

I really appreciate your work and sharing it with us.  Thank you.


DHEllis59, Dover, DE

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