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I've never found it necessary to do more than an approximate alignment between my guidescope and my imaging scope. Indeed, with a sufficiently long-FL guidescope, you might need to angle it off a bit, to hit a guide star you like. 

Don't worry about the tunnel.  If you take a look at the PA doc for Sharpcap, it's stated that a perfect guidescope alignment is not needed.  Don't forget that when you flip over 90 degrees, the center of that swept arc will still be defined by your RA axis. 

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Hoping someone may have a similar setup as mine and could enlighten me?  I am currently learning the IEXOS 100 mount, using only a DSLR and red dot sight, no polar finder, no telescope and the polar tunnel is not much help.  Software I'm running (and learning), NINA, CDC, and astap.  I'm all set up with via serial and getting more comfortable by the night.  I'm thinking of getting a ZWO 120mm mini guide camera with a 50mm orion mini scope to mount on the dovetail beside my dslr to assist with polar alignment using Sharpcap, guiding (eventually) and eliminate the current red dot scope.  Currently during daylight, I will align my dslr, red dot sight and the iexos 100 tunnel all on something in the distance. How would I confirm that the guide scope is in sync with the polar tunnel, or mount since it's the mount that has to be polar aligned?
Thanks for any insight.

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Software: ASCOM, CdC, AstroTortilla, BYN Pro, Sharpcap, PHD2
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