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I have been using/learning the ES PMC-8 with my Ipad Mini for the past few months for visual use. However, just purchased a new Dell XPS 9300 with Windows 10 home edition (I have always been a Mac user) to eventually operate the PMC-8 for astrophotography. For now I am just wanting to connect my new laptop to the PMC-8 using the Windows 10 ExploreStars app in order to get a feel for running the mount via the laptop. I'll worry about using other planetarium/guiding/imaging software after I gain more experience.

I downloaded/installed the Windows 10 ExploreStars app using the link provided on the ExploreScientific webiste (https://explorescientificusa.com/pages/microsoft-windows-10-explorestars-app-download). I then downloaded the Windows 10 ExploreStars app data and extracted the files in my "Pictures" folder per instructions on the PMC-Eight windows install tutorial video. After extracting the data and opening the app, I get the "please 'wait" as I should. After verifying that the app data is available in the app (I can see all objects/photos in the app) I closed out the app, powered off the PMC-8, and restarted the computer. However, after powering the PMC-8 back on, connecting to the PMC-Eight-xx wifi, and then opening the ExploreStars app, the "Please Wait" will not go away. I understand this means that the PMC-8 is not communicating with the Laptop. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall both the app and the app data with no success. 

I am still able to successfully connect and control the mount via my Ipad Mini and the iOS ExploreStars app, so I am not sure why the laptop will not communicate with the PMC-8 via wireless. I am not interested in wired connection yet. 

I have spent several hours reading these forums but none of the suggestions in other threads regarding the "please wait" not changing have fixed the problem. 

Dallin McLaws
Vail, AZ
Scopes: Omegon 110 F6 FPL-53 ED APO CF
Cameras:  Nikon D850
Operating System: Dell XPS 9300 Windows10 / Ipad Mini
Software: ExploreStars

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