Lunar Tracking Rate on EXOS2 and iPad - #EXOS2 #iPadOS


Hi Jerry, Scott and Team,

I'm using an EXOS2-GT with PMC-Eight and an ES152ED. I'm doing sketching of the moon and need to know if there is an easy way to switch to Lunar Tracking on the Explore Stars app on iPad? I've checked settings, but no luck. 

Telescope: Explore Scientific ED152 Air-Spaced Triplet APO Refractor in Carbon Fiber with 3" HEX Focuser 
Mount: Explore Scientific EXOS2-GT Equatorial with PMC-Eight
Other Scopes: Meade 8"LX90 SCT, William Optics 66mm APO Refractor
Binoculars: Oberwerk 20x80, Alpen 8x56

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