Re: IEXOS 100 dovetail and DSLR #iEXOS-100 #alignment

Wes Mcdonald


As bob stated sharp cap computes the center of rotation even when there is cone angle between the finder and the polar axis.  This is one of the advantages of it.  Makes PA of the iexos a piece of cake, if you have northern sky views.

I would suggest you get a longer focal length guide scope.  This will decrease your pixel scale for guiding which will lead to better guide performance.  Something like 240mm is good, probably means a 60mm guide scope.  

After adding guiding and sharp cap for PA the next thing that will change your life is plate solving integrated In NINA.  How does no muss no fuss centering of every target in you camera field of view sound to you?  Good, right?

One more thing to make your life a utopian dream is an auto focus capability.  Once you y get the focuser hardware NINA takes it from there.

NINA will also, through its total imaging automation chain, make it possible for you to start an imaging session and go away until it finished....including meridian flip.  


Wes, Southport NC
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