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One thing I have noticed with es. If you conncet multiple devices.. ie when i first stated using it I'd often try the laptop. If it failed go to the ipad. It worked. Switch other way round and same issue but reversed. So weird. Thats when I started to always open the configuration manager (even though you don't need it) it gives you a quick view of what your system is seeing. Also the green light indicator on the mount is key. Sometimes it would say connected in es and config manager but the green light was not on. I think its like any system sometimes it gets confused. A reboot of all devices always cleared the fault for me. So I always stuck with using pmc 8 config mnager and that helped to stabilise the connection.


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On Tue, Aug 25, 2020 at 05:07 AM, Shailendra Sharma wrote:
Your firewall will have nothing to do with this!
Hi Shallendra,

That's not true, the latest WIndows 10 configurations for the firewall can block UDP traffic to WiFi connections that are local ad hoc connections.
We have had several customers have this happen and identified this can be an issue.
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