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Is there a diagram what the lights on the exos 2 gt pmc 8 system mean? Just interested in the what they mean?


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Yes i was left scratching my head many times. With it saying connected and doing nothing. So always checked the light. Is there a light on the exos 2 gt? I don't see it?

But tbh connection problems with exos 2 don't seem to be apparent. Connects brilliantly! I manage to get Terry L going. So he can finally use his mount :-)

I love the wireless on this thing.! Brilliant!

Cheers Jerry

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On Tue, Aug 25, 2020 at 09:59 AM, Shailendra Sharma wrote:
Also the green light indicator on the mount is key. Sometimes it would say connected in es and config manager but the green light was not on.
Hi Shallendra,

You bring up a good point about the Green communications LED.  It is important to understand the function of this LED during the boot process and also during active communications.

When booting the iEXOS 100 mount, the first part of the sequence gets all the processors loaded with their individual tasks and starts up the ESP 8266 WiFi module by doing a factory reset and then sending commands to the module to configure it for use with the PMC-Eight controller. Some of the configuration parameters are hard-coded in the firmware instructions and others are stored values in the EEPROM that are used when configuring the module. After this is complete and the WiFi module is booted up, the processors start their tasks and one of the tasks lights up the Green LED. Once the boot process is complete then the Green LED goes out. At this point it is safe to try and connect the host computer to the PMC-Eight WiFi connection. When connected and active communication is occurring, the Green LED will once again light up and stay lit while communications is occurring. This is the same with Serial connections. Whenever communications is discontinued, the Green LED will go out.

This is basically the same for the G11/EXOS 2 PMC-Eight although the Microchip RN-131 module does not get configured during the controller boot process.
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