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Thats odd. Have tou tried a reset? I have had to do that once. Its the button next to the power slot. Also did you reboot the pmc 8 and the laptop?

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Subject: Re: [ESPMC-Eight] "Please Wait" #windows10 #app #pmc-eight
I am getting almost the exact same thing start to finish. I get the same exact lights at start up, When I launch the config manager I get the same thing except the comm port field on mine loads up blank. When i click do it, the "UNKNOWN" changes to "NONE." and the message "The mount does not appear to be connected. Please check your settings and network connection" appears. After connecting to the PMC-8 Wifi I have the same lights at the end of the video. 

Dallin McLaws
Vail, AZ
Scopes: Omegon 110 F6 FPL-53 ED APO CF
Cameras:  Nikon D850
Operating System: Dell XPS Windows10 / Ipad Mini
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