Re: Iexios-100 and getting it to point to the target

James Ball

I had similar problems with the POTH buttons, but I use CdC as also stated by Lloyd it works well.  I also link SharpCap to the mount and use the buttons in it to move the scope for fine tuning and for manual guiding when I am doing planetary photography.  I tried plate solving in SharpCap but have not had luck with that yet though.
James Ball
Dawson Springs, Ky
Mounts: iEXOS-100
Scopes: Meade ETX90RA(deforked now) Sky Watcher 150MCT
Camera: ZWO ASI 120MC-S
Software: Explore Stars Android, ASCOM, Stellarium Scope, Stellarium, AS!3, SharpCap, RegiStax6.

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