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Shailendra Sharma <sshailendrasharma@...>

Thanks Bob!

Mount is powered by mains. Dew heaters separately on a skywatcher 17ah power pack. Laptop separately mains powered. With cameras attached to the laptop.

I saw that Scott had covered it on an episode of the explore scientific broadcast just cannot find the episode. Only reason is its making it a bit difficult to check ra balance for east bias. As it sticks from about 11 o clock to anything depending really. Before prob wasn't an issue as I must have been on the cusp. And now I need to check the east bias due to the added weight.

I have played with it today in between meetings. And I have it a bit better. But just need to test it now. For the dec, if it is going to sway one way or another is it better to go east or west?

At the moment.the dec If moved east it wants to go west If wes tit stays west.

If the ra is east heavy when i move to the west should it balance or still be scope heavy? It was scope heavy. I have it so it now balances.

If not..goodbye dew heaters! Hahaha

Thanks again Bob :-)

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New topics should go in new threads!  Easy to do if you want to branch off an existing one, from email - just change the subject line, like I did.  :-)

Re: your guiding going bad after adding dew heaters...  How are you powering your mount?  Off the mains, or battery?  And if battery, what kind?   Thinking voltage drop may be messing you up...

Re: Lock (aka clutch) adjustment.  Not that I know of, but the EXOS2 is a descendant of the LXD75, and the stardeck observatory pages cover that, although it's a bit confusing that he jumps from lock adjustment to worm adjustment, so parse that section carefully.  :-)

Link below.  Just FYI, while the exploded diagrams you'll find on that page are certainly close to of our mount internals, they are not correct where bearings and related spacers are concerned. 

You can see the lock components on the diagrams.  Pretty simple - lever and threaded rod, presses a little button of some hard metal against the side of the ring gear.  This creates a mechanical link between the outer shell of the mount, that your scope attaches to, and the ring gear, which is permanently engaged with the worm and motors.  Lock off, no engagement, lock on, engagement. 

- Bob

On Tue, Sep 1, 2020, at 04:26, Shailendra Sharma wrote:
Morning guys,

is there a way to check tracking during the day? I added a few dew heaters and knocked my guiding from 0.70 to 5.45 and had lots if issues last night. So will rebalanced and try again. Also I need to adjust the ra lock. Do we have a vid or docs?


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On Mon, Aug 31, 2020 at 05:21 PM, Robert Hoskin wrote:

Thoughts?  And are you ok for storage budget if I do that?  

I think that moving the file to the Main files is fine. It would be great if new users would read and heed the sticky Main forum messages, but you can't force it.
I say go for it.

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