PHD2 Pulseguiding failure #EXOS2 #ASCOM #pmc-eight

Brian Murphy

Greetings all,

I am currently running 
William Optics z73 a
zwo asi120mm 
50mm Orion guide scope
QHY Polemaster

I decided to give Autoguiding a try this week in order to get some longer exposure times.  After some woes in figuring out the ASCOM Device hub I was able to get mount, camera and planetarium software running together.  When I attempt to start a calibration with PHD2 I get the error "Pulse guide command to mount has failed" during the west and east step phases. Occasionally it will make it to the North and South steps before the same error occurs. 

The equipment setup was run through the "wizard" at startup.

I have let PHD 2 run through the entire step process and the auto selected star moves in each direction as well as with the Backlash and Nudge steps.

I am sure Im missing something I just dont know what.

If anyone could give me some tips on this it would be much appreciated.


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