EXOS2 PMC-Eight Polar Alignment issue.


Hi all new to the forums and new to stargazing. 

I do analogise if this issue has been answered before, I did try to search but cannot find any information.

So I bought the EXOS2 PMC-Eight and I've been trying to polar align for the past two nights but failing miserably, could anyone please shed some light on this for me please.

Things I've tried are setting the mount level using the inbuilt bubble level and also using another bubble level to make sure, setting the correct altitude for my location, pointing the mount North and positioning Polaris in the little circle. I've tried adjusting the RA position so the counter balance arm is pointing at the Polaris clock (I use an app to find the Polaris time) then fine adjust the mount to get Polaris in the little circle, but all this just seems to fail, I ask the mount to point to an object but every time the position is miles off. 

I'm obviously doing something terribly wrong here any help for a noob would be gratefully appreciated.

Another note, I've watched a few videos about the polar scope collimation and tested if it's correct and all is fine.

Thanks, Bill.

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