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Jerry Hubbell - Explore Scientific VP Engineering

On Tue, Sep 1, 2020 at 04:04 PM, Brian Murphy wrote:
I decided to give Autoguiding a try this week in order to get some longer exposure times.  After some woes in figuring out the ASCOM Device hub I was able to get mount, camera and planetarium software running together.  When I attempt to start a calibration with PHD2 I get the error "Pulse guide command to mount has failed" during the west and east step phases. Occasionally it will make it to the North and South steps before the same error occurs. 
Hi Brian,  sorry you are having this issue. In PHD2 are you configuring the program to use the ST4 cable and selecting "On camera" or are you selecting "ASCOM driver", not using the ST4 cable, and using PulseGuide? If you are using the ST4 cable connected between the PMC-Eight and the camera, then you may be running into an issue with the ST4 port calibration which we see from time to time with different cameras.  I would suggest not using the ST4 cable and "On camera" and instead use the ASCOM connection to control the mount. This will eliminate an extra cable and provide a more reliable guiding signal. Also, if you are going to be autoguiding, I would second the previous advise to use the system in wired, serial mode versus wireless mode as it is also more reliable.
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