Slew Errors #EXOS2 #ExploreStars


1. I polar align the scope with the mount off using sharpcap.  I settle for 'Good' alignment (1 arc min or less) because I don't want to spend the night getting perfection.
2. I then close sharpcap, open settings to find out what serial port is being used (Com Port) after powering up the mount.
3. I go to the ascom control panel, select the exos2 mount (it defaults to G11) and connect using the proper com port.
4. Then I test the connection by trying to slew the mount with the ascom control.
5. Now it is time to hook up APT connecting to the mount and the guide camera.
6. I test the camera and plate solve the result, making sure to hit sync both on the plate solve and in the mount control on APT.
7. I see if the point location for the solution and photo outline match in stellarium.
We should be set now to observe.  I ask the mount to slew to M31 (as I am pointing at polaris, it should swing the telescope to the right).
The mount swings the telescope to the left and down.
I direct the mount to park, unpark it once it gets there (the arrows line up on the mount RA/Dec Axis) and plate solve again.
I repeat the sync process and tell the scope to slew to M31.  
It turns left and down again, to the same spot.
Then I spend the next few hours restarting the computer, rechecking everything, looking at my new refractor and wishing the damn mount would properly point.  Finally at 3am I tear it all down and put it away.  This has been going on for weeks.  I've considered just putting away the exos2, but I have 700 bucks invested and I want it to perform as expected, ie WORK.
Before you ask, the time and location are properly set.
Do you have a suggestion short of sending it back?
Bob T
Mt. Pleasant, MI

EON 110
Meade LX 10

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