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Tyler Bowman - Explore Scientific Customer Service

Lets simplify things and do the basics, manually do a polar alignment or use sharpcap and get a good polar alignment. 
then slew to a object and lets see how far off you are. 

Can i ask what kind programs are you running?

1. Power supply voltage is => 12Vdc
2. Longitude, Latitude, Time, and Time Zone are correct for your location
3. The mount is placed in the Home position according to the index pointers on each axis.
4. The mount is balanced (slight imbalances are okay)
5. The gear mesh is good based on no noticeable excessive motor/drive noise indicative of motor skipping steps.

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Well Tyler here is the problem I have.  Ok, let's say the error is with plate solving at the NCP.  I still slew 'somewhere' and plate solve there, so now the scope should know where it is.  Given that it now knows where it is it should be a simple matter to go where it is told.  Yet it continues to go somewhere else.  I plate solve there, so now the scope again knows where it is pointing, and tell it to go somewhere to a known target, yet it moves in a completely different direction.  Can I reset the mount?  Maybe it starts with bad data and no matter what I tell it to do it is still lost?

Bob T
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