Re: EXOS2 PMC-Eight Polar Alignment issue.


I use 3 compasses, all 3 are different. I use a spirit level. 

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Hi all
 BEWARE of some phones and their app for compass and level. My phone is way off.
Go to Home depot and get a half way decent level and compass.
Doug Doonan

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I think I might be polar aligning wrong it's all so confusing, can you confirm that Polaris has to be centred in the little circle or do I need to preform some steps before hand?
You should use a level app on your phone if you have one and a compass to independently verify that you are very close (to within a couple of degree) of the North Celestial Pole (NCP). If that is the case, then you should be within a 2 to 3 degrees of the target when slewing to the object. Close enough is good enough for this first try. Don't forget to take into account you local Magnetic Declination for the compass reading.
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I don't think this is my issue, my issue is trying to read/understand the reticule markings in the Polar scope they are confusing.


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