Re: #iEXOS-100 in Stellarium always complaining about the mount being parked #iEXOS-100

Wes Mcdonald


“Is explore Scientific not supporting these mounts anymore?”

Don’t be silly.  The pmc8 based mounts are their main line.  Of course they are supporting them.   The ways they do are to numerous to mention in my hunt and peck cell phone.

ASCOM has no affiliation with Explore Scientific.  What ever ascom does they do.  6.4 was the mainstay program for many years.  They just released 6.5 a while ago.  There are numerous complaints and issues that arise with it, among them issues with stellarium.  

ES tests their firmware to the ASCOM compliance test and passes all tests.   

Your inability to unpark has nothing to do with the ES product.  Unparking is an ASCOM thing. ES knows where park is but it does not stop responding once parked.   That is an ASCOM thing.   I imagine the driver might actually respond with a parked status to an ASCOM query tho, and probably won’t move u til an ASCOM method call demands an unpark.  

POTH hub was deprecated and replaced in release 6.5 but POTH is retained but not installed automatically.   If you want to stick with 6.5 go ahead.  But be aware there are issues  You can still load up and run POTH.

NINA unparks mounts in ASCOM 6.4 just fine.  Personally I have not gone to 6.5 because of the reported issues with it.  6.4 works fine, and unless you specifically need what 6.5 added you don’t want 6.5.  

In summary you won’t find anyone who supports their gear to the level of ES, to include the design engineer being in the forum everyday to answer questions.  Furthermore ES has a daily hour long video chat where topics specific to their equipment are discussed.  Furthermore the website has links to pertinent sections of every broadcast for your viewing and learning pleasure.  

I haven’t seen your name around so I take it you are new here.  Welcome to the group.  This place has a lot of people willing to help.  And there are a lot of resources available to you within ES web resources if you take the time and bother to look and learn.

Again, welcome aboard.


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