Re: #iEXOS-100 in Stellarium always complaining about the mount being parked #iEXOS-100

Wes Mcdonald


One other thing

Stellarium is a great planetarium program and a not so hot telescope control program.  As far as I can see it never had any ability to unpark an ASCOM mount.  In fact it couldn’t do anything with a mount prior to version 19.3– one had to use a helper app called stellarium scope.

POTH has a park/unpark button.  If you don’t run NINA or APT or some other program that incorporates the ability to demand an ASCOM unpark when you are using Stellarium, then you are going to have to use POTH.  Perhaps the new 6.5 has that feature somewhere.  

There is no reason not to run NINA or APT with stellarium and the pmc8 and in fact they make great playmates.  Personally I moved from APT to NINA for its total automation and will never go back.  It is the next best thing.  As for Stellarium I use it with NINA as a planetarium and import it’s position into NINA.  But NINA catalog is danged nice all by itself.  And the ES ASCOM compliant driver just keeps percolating along with all of this stuff.

One thing the ES has that is different than most companies (if not all) is that their designer owns and runs their equipment in a research observatory he operates all the time to perform work with exoplanets.  He is well aware of all of the firmware and software as he has written much of it, uses it, and supports all of it.  And that same guy is available to everyone in the forum all the time.  

Recently a user discovers an obscure characteristic that lead, under specific circumstance, to a pointing error.  This was so obscure that most users never encountered it and in fact non had ever reported it in years of operation.  I had never encountered it to where I noticed it.  When that was reported ES took to researching and correcting the issue— I know of the effort expended first hand as I was part of that effort (voluntary user helping out). Fixed and distributed essentially as fast as could be done.  

So yes,ES supports their mounts.


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