Re: EXOS2 PMC-Eight Polar Alignment issue.

Bill Kinnair <kinnawill@...>

Hi Michael.

I tried again last night to see if I can Polar align and I seem to be getting closer but not as close as I like. I used the method as before by placing Polaris into the crosshair then aligning the vertical line to Polaris clock and adjusting so Polaris is on the circle. I seem to be a few degrees off target. I checked to see if I had Polaris in my field of view using a 40mm eyepiece, Polaris was there but centred at the bottom, so the only thing I can think of is my compass as I'm using one that is built into my phone

The only thing I have left to try is buying a real compass to see if that works but if it doesn't then I think I will be returning the mount.

If you don't mind can you explain your full procedure of how you align please?         
Bill Kinnair
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