Re: EXOS2 PMC-Eight Polar Alignment issue.


Hi Bill. 
    What I do normally is get my level and point the mount north. I use a laser pointer to make sure I’m pointing the mount at Polaris, I do this by shining the laser through the polar scope. Then I look to how I need to rotate the Ra to mirror the image on the App (ps align pro), then using the four adjusters on the mount get Polaris where it says it needs to be on the app.I then perform a 2 or 3 star align in ExploreStars. The last time I did this the accuracy was very good and I hardly needed to centre anything. I then slewed to other objects and they were in my field of view every time. My frustration is that I do the same procedure on other nights and I can be way off. I am imaging by using ExploreStars and in the past have had great results, but of late I have been running into problems with badly elongated stars all through the field, even when the mount slews straight to the target. I decided to send my mount off to Rother Valley Optics who have kindly agreed to check the mount over and make sure the polar scope is properly aligned as well as checking the pulleys and belt and any electrics for me. It is still with them so I won’t be able to try again until I get it back. Don’t return your mount, I have had great results in the past with it and when it works it works brilliantly. I just need to emulate those nights when it as worked. 

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I'm going to try this it's the only option I have left before I decide to return the mount thanks,
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