Re: EXOS2 PMC-Eight Polar Alignment issue.


Hi Bill. 
  If you get stuck whilst trying just message me and I’ll try and help. Maybe between us we can crack the code.  I’ll be pretty apprehensive when I get my mount back. Especially if I can get 30+sec exposures and no star trails like I was getting before. Here’s hoping, mick. 

On 4 Sep 2020, at 12:45, Bill Kinnair via <kinnawill@...> wrote:

Thanks for the info I'm going to try your way and not use the crosshair, I hope your mount comes back with no problems. If I manage to figure anything out in the meantime I'll let you know. 
Bill Kinnair
West Midlands UK
Scopes: Skywatcher 200PDS + Skywatcher Skyliner 200p
CamerasZWO ASI120MC + Canon EOS 1300D
Software: ExplorerStars, Backyard ESO, ASIStudio, AutoStakkert, PIPP, RegiStax 6, PolarAlignment PRO

Michael Whitaker
Wakefield, UK. 
MOUNTS. Exos-2 PMC Eight..
SCOPE: RVO Horizon 72ed. 
CAMERA: Not Applicable. 
SOFTWARE: Just iPad at moment. 

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