Re: Slew Errors #EXOS2 #ExploreStars


Well good news everyone, I think I have it.  There were indeed two problems.

1/ Although it worked fine when I mounted my camera, ATP seems to have changed Long from West to East.  I put it back.  
2/ I avoided doing a plate solve at the NCP.  I did one at Navi about 30 degrees away.  Then I slewed to M31, had to plate solve again and re slewed, Andromeda was in the tracking scope and in the main scope.  Just fined tuned it and was dead on. 

Finally have it working and was able to enjoy an evening of observing thanks to all of you.  Here is the result of 30 stacked and cleaned 60 second exposures...  Now I can fine tune my photoshop skills without struggling with the mount!

Bob T
Mt. Pleasant, MI

Orion EON 110//Exos2-PMC8
Meade LX 10" SCT (Pride of the 90's) with LX Drive/Alt-Az Push To
25 x 100 Astronomy Binoculars with Stand
ZWO 110 and 294


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