EXOS2-GT PMC8 new user questions #EXOS2 #FIRMWARE #iPadOS #windows10


Hello everyone,

I should have my new EXOS2-GT PMC8 tomorrow (Saturday, 9/5/2020). While I wait for the mount i have been reviewing all available documentation and videos available. I have also joined this group and review each topic every day that I can. I have downloaded ExplorStars and have placed the database in my "Pictures" folder. I have also installed the PMC8 ASCOM drivers on my Windows10 PC. I will be using my iPad Pro with ExplorStars initially to test to ensure the system works

I have a few questions: 

1. All of the documentation and videos that i have read and viewed state that the firmware of the PMC8 controller can only be updated via a hardwired serial cable (using the FTDI chipset), is this still the case (cannot update firmware via direct WiFi connection)?
I do have the proper cable, I just want to ensure that I upgrade the firmware (when needed) the proper way. 

2. If the above question is true, I am assuming the PMC8 controller must be put into serial mode using a direct WiFi connection first using the PMC Configuration Manager program before firmware updates can be done - correct? 
2a. When the firmware updates are completed and I want to go back to using WiFi, I use the Configuration Manager (mount now connected using serial) to send the WiFi command to the controller?

3. The Configuration Manager program replaces the need for any additional terminal programs ? (Putty, etc)

Thanks for all of the support!

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