Re: EXOS2-GT PMC8 new user questions #EXOS2 #FIRMWARE #iPadOS #windows10

Tyler Bowman - Explore Scientific Customer Service

1.You only way to update the firmware is through the serial.

2. you can always update the firmware regardless wifi or what ever way you have it hooked up as long as you have it connected through Serial to the computer.

3. all you will need is the configuration manager, unless your using a MAC or Linux.

If there is anything else please let me know.

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Hello everyone,

I should have my new EXOS2-GT PMC8 tomorrow (Saturday, 9/5/2020). While I wait for the mount i have been reviewing all available documentation and videos available. I have also joined this group and review each topic every day that I can. I have downloaded ExplorStars and have placed the database in my "Pictures" folder. I have also installed the PMC8 ASCOM drivers on my Windows10 PC. I will be using my iPad Pro with ExplorStars initially to test to ensure the system works

I have a few questions: 

1. All of the documentation and videos that i have read and viewed state that the firmware of the PMC8 controller can only be updated via a hardwired serial cable (using the FTDI chipset), is this still the case (cannot update firmware via direct WiFi connection)?
I do have the proper cable, I just want to ensure that I upgrade the firmware (when needed) the proper way. 

2. If the above question is true, I am assuming the PMC8 controller must be put into serial mode using a direct WiFi connection first using the PMC Configuration Manager program before firmware updates can be done - correct? 
2a. When the firmware updates are completed and I want to go back to using WiFi, I use the Configuration Manager (mount now connected using serial) to send the WiFi command to the controller?

3. The Configuration Manager program replaces the need for any additional terminal programs ? (Putty, etc)

Thanks for all of the support!

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