Configuration Manager lockout #iEXOS-100 #ConfigManager

Roger Laine

Hi Wise Heads of the Group

I am new to an iEXOS-100, and I do not currently have a serial cable, although I have ordered one.

I ‘messed about’ in Configuration Manager trying to establish an ASCOM 6.5 link to the mount without realising that POTH is still required.

The result is that all of my ‘switch’ options are now greyed out in CM, and although the PC is on the PMC-Eight network, I have no connection.  I guess I must have set the connection to ‘serial’.  Is there any way out of this bind without a cable?

Roger, Atherstone, England, UK
Mount: ES iEXOS-100, Celestron NexStar SLT OTA: Celestron 127/1500 Mak , Svbony 60mm Guide scope
Camera: Svbony Sv305, Sv205

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