ASCOM control question that I have not found an answer. #EXOS2 #ASCOM


Hello everyone,

So far, things have been going very good with my new mount. I was able to configure the PMC8 and control the scope with several ASCOM compatible software products. I also setup and was able to use ASCOMPAD with my wireless XBOX controller to slew the mount which is sweet!
My question is related to the manual slewing speeds that I see in the various ASCOM programs including ASCOMPAD. 

When I open ASCOMPAD and setup to use the POTH HUB (POTH is set to use the PMC8 driver) and I view the "Driver" info tab, I see 5 slew speeds for both the RA and DEC motors from 0.00 to 2.50.
Where are these values coming from, POTH HUB or is the POTH HUB passing those values on from the PMC8 driver from ES? 

I have successfully setup ASCOMPAD to change the slew speed using a few of the buttons on my controller and it works great. The reason for my question is because when I use other programs such as NINA (still using POTH), the manual slew values that I am able to choose from are 0.00 or 2.5, nothing in between. 

Thanks everyone, 


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