Re: Configuration Manager lockout #iEXOS-100 #ConfigManager

Roger Laine

On Tue, Sep 8, 2020 at 08:19 AM, Yorksman wrote:

Similar thing happened to me, although i did have a cable connected, I couldn't get back to wifi.


Connect your PMC8 to your PC or Laptop via wifi. In CM, under connection settings leave it as G11, delete whatever it says in the field Com Port and type in COM3, this being the most usual. Then press refresh. This is important. Then, under How Do You Want to Connect, press Find Current Connection. It should come up with current connection unknown but the other connection buttons should now not be greyed out.

Thanks for the tips Yorksman: it did not work for me, so I will wait for the cable: it should arrive in the next day or two.  

My fault, as an ex-software consultant I have to ‘stress-test everything!!
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