Re: Jerry's problem

Cyril Bonnett

Same here, I have received all the posts although I have them diverted to a folder in outlook.



From: ESPMC-Eight@... Sent: 12 April 2018 22:48
To: ESPMC-Eight@...
Subject: [ESPMC-Eight] Jerry's problem




I dont think the problem is as you have analysed
it. Maybe YOU dont see your postings; but this is
the THIRD copy of this one that I have received. So it works for me!

Am I alone in this, or did others get Jerry's post three times?

I'll add that something is odd: I am a member of
three Yahoo groups, and nobody complains about
this specific problem in the other two.

Sorry not to be able to offer a solution; but on
the basis of the above facts, I am pleased to aver that there must be one!



At 17:41 12-04-18, hubbell_jerry@... [ESPMC-Eight] wrote:
>This is my second attempt to post this response.
>What you have described are mount position
>limits, which have been around since the
>beginning. Mount limits are not part of the
>original ASCOM API so I did not implement them.
>Mount limits are available in some ASCOM client
>programs such as Maxim DL, but are probably best
>implemented in the driver itself. I can look add
>this to my list of improvements for the driver.
>Jerry Hubbell
>Director Electrical Engineering
>Explore Scientific, LLC.

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