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Wade Prunty

There was a question during the stream today about a clamp-style dovetail for the Explore Scientific mounts, and I thought it would be a cool idea if we had a place on the forum to talk about accessories like that for these mounts. I only have an iEXOS-100, so I thought I'd start a topic for that specific mount.

Clamp-Style Dovetail Bracket for iEXOS-100
A clamp-style dovetail bracket was actually something that interested me after I bought my iEXOS-100. The screw-in dovetail that comes with the mount cut up the side of my brand new SpaceCat vixen bar when I was trying to balance the telescope. This hurt my feelings so bad. Like really bad. So I went out and found a replacement dovetail bracket that clamps to the vixen bar and removes any chance of it chewing up any other gear I use with the mount. I've been using this ever since and it works great. I highly recommend adding this as an accessory to any iEXOS-100. If you are looking for something similar, but not this exact version, let me warn you, make sure the thumb screw is no wider than the bottom of the dovetail's bracket. If it is it might be too fat to let the DEC axis swing clearly above its motor cover.

Below is a link to one I bought from Amazon.
Astromania Middle-Sizes Dovetail with one Screw

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