Re: Tuning backlash on iExos 100

James Ball

I have looked at the Tuning guide a few times but on the iEXOS-100 there are just two cap screws holding two separate blocks, one at each end of the worm gear, and no screw in the middle.  The worm is not mounted in a single piece block like on the EXOS-2 I believe.  I adjusted my RA mesh because it had quite a bit of wobble and had to loosen the two cap screws and carefully move them to reduce mesh but while keeping the gear square with the belt.  I think mine is a little too tight as it will bind if not perfectly balanced but I really don't want to have it apart again unless I have to.  Maybe I am not seeing it correctly, but that is what I had to do.
James Ball
Dawson Springs, Ky
Mounts: iEXOS-100
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