Re: One beginner's guide to getting EXOS2/PMC8 fully operational with ASCOM, Stellarium, SharpCap, ASPS, and ASCOMPAD

Wes Mcdonald

Is this a new version of the cm ?


On Thu, Sep 10, 2020 at 9:07 PM Voyager <pmaks01@...> wrote:

I can't seem to get past step 7 - see image below. 

I've tried 3 different FTDi cables: 2 Parallax and one Amazon, all of which had been working prior to my attempt to switch to WiFi/UDP (Do It button) in CM. I a;so had POTH/Stellarium working well via serial - based on your instructions from July (above). Also tried the Parallax terminal app to try and connect via serial but - no luck.

Also, currently, I can connect via WiFI from my iPad/Explore Stars and have the mount respond/slew to objects.

Is there a hard reset on the PMC2 that one needs to apply ?


Thanks !

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