Re: One beginner's guide to getting EXOS2/PMC8 fully operational with ASCOM, Stellarium, SharpCap, ASPS, and ASCOMPAD


Hello JR,
responses to your questions on current state:

 need to get a baseline for where you are currently:

1.       Your IPad connects via wireless to the mount?

>> Correct

2.       Your Windows PC cannot connect to the mount via wireless or serial?
>> Correct

3.       What state was your mount in previously; wireless or serial?
>> was working in serial mode prior to switching to wireless after firmware upgrade

4.       What happens when you click the Find it connection?
>> as shown in screen print above,
>> “Find” results in the “Com 4” response
>> “Find current connect ‘Do it’ “ returns second message

>> “The Mount does not appear to be connected...”

I will be trying out the rest of your recommendations in a few hours.

thank you for your support.


Mount: EXOS2-GT, Orion SkyView EQ, AR152 
Scope: ESED80-FCD100, Orion 8” Newt
Guide system: Starfield 50mm, Altair GPCAM2 130M
DSLR: Canon 6D, T3i
Software: ExploreStars W10, iOS; Sharpcap, Altair ImageCapture, PMC 8 Manager, Stellarium 
Location: Sierra Foothills, CA

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