Re: One beginner's guide to getting EXOS2/PMC8 fully operational with ASCOM, Stellarium, SharpCap, ASPS, and ASCOMPAD

Wes Mcdonald


If your pmc8 is working via wifi with your ipad it is in wifi mode.

1.  I would verify the serial cable is working by reloading the firmware.  The CM does not need to be connected via serial mode to do this, just have the serial cable connected.  If the firmware does not load then the serial line is broken somehow, either you are in DLL hell, or there is a physical problem.  I suspect a windows problem tho.  If the firmware load ends with success, you know everything is connected.  Reboot the PMC8 after loading the firmware.  It takes a reboot for the new load to run.

2.  If the load fails then you need to look at what is wrong starting with the PC and working outward.  One thing to do is to go to the advanced tab.  Select the wifi TCP for an EXOS2 or UDP for the iEXOS.  Then press the get version number.  If you are connected via wifi, you will receive a reply.  If you don't get the reply then you are not in wifi mode or your pc is not connected to the PMC8 system wifi.  

3.  If the load is successful, then go ahead and try using the CM again to change the state of the connection


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