Re: One beginner's guide to getting EXOS2/PMC8 fully operational with ASCOM, Stellarium, SharpCap, ASPS, and ASCOMPAD

Wes Mcdonald


Yes please keep it up.  I feel we into what is happening here.  This will help others if we can nail down the steps to get recalcitrant PCs working.

So far we know to:

1.  Check via ipconfig if the correct ip is assigned 
2.  If the ip is 169.254.xx.xx    The pc has assigned its own ip which we don’t want

We might know that:

3.  We need to go to properties for ipv4 and make sure it is set for automatic in the General settings for IP address and in obtaining a DNS server.  In the alternate configuration tab we want to ensure it is set to automatic for private IP address

I have to say the means I had to use to find these settings in 3 were different than what Jeff notes.  Windows seems to churn these accesses methods with each release.


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