Exos-2 and ExploreStars.


Hi everyone. 

I am using ExploreStars with my Exos-2pmc-eight for astrophotography, I know it’s not going to be brilliant as I don’t have any guiding either, but I can get good results normally. With a good polar align I usually get my targets central in my scope field of view. Now and again I do have to use the LRUD toggle in ExploreStars to adjust the target, when I do this it changes from point to track, then I press Sync. Is it better on point or track for exposures. Thanks. Mick. 
Michael Whitaker
Wakefield, UK. 
MOUNTS. Exos-2 PMC Eight..
SCOPE: RVO Horizon 72ed. 
CAMERA: Canon M50. 
SOFTWARE: Just iPad at moment. ExploreStars. 

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