Re: Astrophotography Done with the iEXOS-100, EXOS 2, and G11 Post your Pictures and Details! Lets Show What These Mounts Can Do. #iEXOS-100 #G11 #EXOS2 #astrophotography

Gernot Schreider

Hi Chris,

Thank you!
This foto was taken with the camera attached to the SC, so I was working with 2000mm focal length.
I have used in other cases my camera with a 200mm lens mounted and I was able to do 300sec exposures with no guiding.
I think this mount is really capable to track once you have proper polar alignment. I use SharpCap Pro for polar alignment and I always try to get it to "excellent". In this case the deviation was 20".


location: 49,55N, 7,89E; mount: EXOS-2 PMC8; telescope: Meade 8" ACF; guidescope: Orion 50mm, cameras: Sony Alpha 6000, ASI 120MC-S, laptop: Lenovo; OS: Windows 10 64bit, software: Stellarium, Sharpcap pro, Ascom platform, AstroTortilla, DeepSkyStacker

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