IC 1318

W. Christopher Moses

Here is my first pass at processing some data:


G-11 PMC-8

AT 115 w/ fffr

ASI 1600 cooled

ZWO FIlter wheel

ZWO ASI 120 (??) guide camera and OAG


20x120" each of Ha, OIII, SII, and Lum. 

60 Dark

A lot of Bias

0 flats (Accidentally deleted the folder...oops)

Note - I'll post the exact specs if I clean it up.

A few notes:

1. The stars on the edges clearly have an abnormal shape. The eccentricity increases and they are a bit lopsided. I think this indicates that the spacing to my new camera, an ASI 1600 was a bit off.

2. It's overly red for my taste, but it's a start.

Any CC is welcome, especially about the star shape.


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