Re: Possible defective unit - SOLVED! #iEXOS-100


Hi Paul, I noticed that also.
In fact, it seems to be a 'cyclical' sound the motor is whirring round and round.
I didn't think much of it as the mount was finding and tracking objects quite well. 
That is until I went to track the moon and switched from siderial to lunar tracking....that's when i noticed the moon appeared to 'wobble' a little bit in synch with the hissing noise you've mentioned.
The wobble might not be related to the hissing sound - perhaps my balancing is off and I need to adjust - but I just thought I'd mention it.

Either way, I have noticed the same sound as you are describing.



On Thu, Sep 17, 2020 at 9:50 AM paulw617 via <> wrote:
I have something similar happening with my iEXOS-100 that I received about three weeks ago.  When I power on the mount, I hear a constant hissing sound that begins about 5-8 seconds after I turn it on, before there is a connection to the PC or internal Wi-Fi network or ExploreStars or APT.  It happened the very first time I turned on the mount and every time since. It just sits there and both motors hiss (and there is no movement of the mount since nothing is talking to it or controlling it).  I am working with ES support to try and find out if this is normal behavior for the mount.  Does anyone else experience this hissing sound?  Thanks.


Streetsville, Ontario

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