Re: Recommended Polar Finder that will work with IEXOS-100 PMC-eight

Wade Prunty

Let me preface this by saying I am totally not attempting to be condescending here. I had a real hard time with polar alignment on my Celestron CGX when I first got into this, so much so that it almost made walk away from it all.

I think we're blowing this way out of proportion. I get really good polar alignment, goto results and guiding with my iEXOS-100, and this is coming from someone who has never used a polar scope. I start off by eyeballing my mount with Polaris, I just get it as centered as possible over the top of my mount. I then use the bubble level and adjust the tripod legs to make sure the mount is level. Then I make sure the mount head is set to my altitude. With all of that done I then use either the ASIAIR Pro, or something like it (SharpCap), to finely adjust the alt/az knobs to complete the polar alignment. I am polar aligned in under 5 minutes, every night. If you are imaging you should, at the least, be able to connect your camera to a laptop and use SharpCap.

Also, if you don't trust the mount's bubble level, you can adjust your tray on the tripod to be extremely inline for leveling, so that you have somewhere else to use a level on the mount.
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