Re: Windows 10 will not connect to my PMC-8 1856

Wes Mcdonald


Welcome to the group!  There are lots of folks here that will help you get up and going.  Also you will find lots of information in the links that are on the web site.  Additionally just about every topic has been discussed and you might be able to find information through search of the forum.

The password should be PMC-Eight

Please give us the windows version and build you are using.  Also tell us what you are doing in the PC, Explorestars or ASCOM serial.

Suggest you start with explorestars.  


Wes, Southport NC
EXos2-GT PMC-8, iExos 100
ES ED 127, 10" LX200GPS+wedge, Astro-Tech 8" Newt, ETX-90, 60mm no-name guide scope ~ 260mm FL
Polemaster, Orion ST-80 and SAG, ZWO 290MM, D5300 astro modified
Nina, Bootcamped Mac Mini control computer, RDP to iMAC
110 amp hour lead acid deep discharge battery for field power
Electrical Engineer, Retired

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