Re: Possible defective unit - SOLVED! #iEXOS-100

James Ball

This is an example of what we are seeing with high magnification on the iEXOS-100.  The "wobble" seen in in RA and times perfectly with the pulses heard from the control board.  When looking at the drive gear with the belt removed you can also see the gear stop and start in rhythm with the sound and it matches what is seen in the video.  Watching the video i count 16 cycles in 25 seconds.  I don't have anything but a webcam on the laptop so I am not sure I can get a video of the drive gear movement but I will try.

I have tried using the object tracking feature in SharpCap but it always fails in the RA calibration step and I wonder if it is because of this movement.
James Ball
Dawson Springs, Ky
Mounts: iEXOS-100
Scopes: Meade ETX90RA(deforked now) Sky Watcher 150MCT
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Software: Explore Stars Android, ASCOM, Stellarium Scope, Stellarium, AS!3, SharpCap, RegiStax6.

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