Re: POTH Crashing

Wes Mcdonald


1.  What driver did you load.  You should use the one with a name containing “anycpu” or some such.

2.  Be sure to load a good driver for your iexos FTDI usb to serial adapter.

3.  When you load ascom be sure the ascom test passes 100% clean. For some unknown reason it does not always.

4.  You could try using ascom 6.5 and use their poth alternative.

5.  You don’t have some fancy IT stuff going on such as a virtual machine do you?  I think some on the forum do run on a VM but it’s not common I think and in my view is a good way for strange stuff to happen.

I can’t say why poth would be blowing up on you.  I have had it bomb a time or five but that was back when I was using a windows 10 tablet.  It hasn’t been a problem since I changed to a dell laptop, nor has it been a problem on my bootcamped Mac mini.  But I can assure you the likelihood of it being the iexos is vanishingly small, as I and many others have that thing.  


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