Re: Ghetto azimuth adjuster #iEXOS-100

Bob Trepiccione

Cool idea!
Any pics of it before you installed it on the mount?

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From: Jacqui Greenland <ladroquin@...>
Date: 9/27/20 9:21 AM (GMT-05:00)
Subject: [ESPMC-Eight] Ghetto azimuth adjuster #iEXOS-100

Hi All,

Thought people may be interested in this.  My wife purchased an iexos-100 as an upgrade to her little star adventurer mini (and largely out of complete laziness since she just wanted the goto to not have to go out into the cold to reposition for her next photo!) but we had no time to be able to order the official azimuth adjuster and since we have a polemaster to get PA I wanted it to be finer controlled than swiveling the whole mount around on the base by hand.

So I noticed there was an M8 grub screw in the tripod on the base and I figured if I lined up the part that stick out to support the Alt adjustment with that and attach a frame around it I could then use a couple of machine screws to pivot against that.  hour or so later this is what I came up with

basically it's two pieces of corner brace trimmed to length and welded together and then welded to a piece of slotted angle iron with an M8 machine screw replacing the grub screw.  a couple of nuts welded to the frame with M6 machine screws to act as adjusters and 3d printed knobs.

Now I have a welder and 3D printer to work with but it would have been possible to do this using nuts or rivets to hold it together and captive nuts for the adjusters and just use the machine screws directly or you can buy m6 thumbscrews from places like amazon.

The slot at the bottom, btw, allows macro adjustment just in case there isn't enough micro adjustment available.

It worked surprisingly well and allowed us to get pretty tight PA so I thought it might be useful to anyone else in a similar position.  looks a bit rickity and my welding could have been neater but overall it worked for a materials cost of less that 10 GBP.


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