Re: Release of Latest PMC-Eight ASCOM Driver and ExploreStars Android App


Yeah, after you pointed it out, I see now that explorestars is under root. IMO, if take out Android from the structure and rename 'e:' to 'SD Card' would make more sence.

Additionally, it's not related but still it's that added to my difficulties is that instalation instruction is inside of pmc8 box! Since it got assembled last, I first thought there are no instructions at all. Normally, instructions are on top of the stuff and once you open box it's first thing you see. Anyway, seems all is working now. 

On Tue, Apr 24, 2018 at 6:55 PM, hubbell_jerry@... [ESPMC-Eight]

Hi Jenya,

Thanks Cyril for helping out, I have been away this past week. Jenya, if you look closely at the directory structure shown after step 2 on the installation instructions here 

You will see that the ExploreStars directory is NOT installed under the Android directory, but is on the root of the SMD card as Cyril stated. The picture can be a little confusing if you don't look closely at the structure lines.

I am glad you have it working now.

Jerry Hubbell
Director Electrical Engineering
Explore Scientific, LLC.

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