Re: iEXOS-100 First Light #iEXOS-100


Last time I checked this local supplier in Ontario had some in stock

Might be worth a look given the exchange rate...



On Tue, Sep 29, 2020 at 11:07 AM Perry Gee <pgee2013@...> wrote:
Thanks for letting me know.  They aren't in stock in the US until November sometime, so I've been looking all over.

Unfortunately, the cost of import and shipping is prohibitive.  But it was worth looking at the possibility.

On Mon, Sep 28, 2020 at 10:34 PM Ian Morison <ian@...> wrote:
Hi Perry,
   The UK dealers are also out of stock,  but I found  one on Amazon UK.  The price was higher ($50) than UK cost but free delivery.   I discovered that it came from Germany taking some time.  The  website implies that it will be back in stock mid October.   



On Tuesday, September 29, 2020, Perry Gee <pgee2013@...> wrote:
I've been struggling to buy a mount this last month, as all of the American dealers seem to be back-ordered.

Where did you buy from?

On Mon, Sep 28, 2020 at 4:44 AM Ian Morison <ian@...> wrote:
Hi all,
  I acquired my mount last week largely for use as an astrophotography tracking mount for use with long lenses or small telescopes.  There have been two clear periods, one 9 pm (Deneb) and one at 04:30 am for Orion region.
   Having three equatorial mounts already, including a Losmandy GM8 and Astro Physics Mach 1, why did I buy it?  

Small and light for one thing, a belt drive for another but the greatest reason was the fact that it has adjustable clutches in RA and Dec as does my GM8.  For wide field imaging one does not need 'goto' so I have simply activated the mounts motors - so it will then continue tracking at siderial rate and adjust the clutch tensions so that I can manually move the scope to the region of sky that I want to image and the telescope/lens will keep pointing when I cease the pointing adjustment.  The full frame Sony Cameras that I am using allows one to 'see' the starfield in live view to align the telescope and camera on the region of interest which the mount then follows.  Simples.  (Now in UK dictionary.)
I polar aligned using a laser beam through the RA sighting tube.

Three images:
1) First light of the mount of the Deneb region using a Teleskop Service 65mm, 420mm focal length, Quad astrograph.  Sony A7 II with stacked 30 second exposures.

2) I have tried to 'observe' the tracking performance by 'tracking' a fixed artificial star and find it very difficult to spot the tracking errors.  I have edge detected the track and the variation seems to be only 2- 3 pixels.

3) The Sword of Orion.  Takahashi FS 60 and Sony A7S.  Composite of three 'panes' aligned and stacked in Sequator.    Nothing special, but the Orion, Running Man and Flame Nebulae are there.  Full image is ~30 megapixel. This is 25%.

So I am very pleased with my purchase!  (From Germany as UK dealers are out of stock.)

Thanks again to Wes and Jerry for their help in getting me going. 


Ian Morison


Streetsville, Ontario

Mounts: iExos 100, Skyguider Pro
Scopes/Lenses: Main/Orion 80mm, DSLR/Tamron 18-400mm lens, guide/ZWO-340A
Computer: ASIAir
Cameras: Canon T2i DSLR, ZWO120MM (guide)
Utility Software: iPolar (for Skyguider polar alignment), iCap, Explorestars, Canon EOS Utility
Image Processing Software: Photoshop

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