Explore Stars hung up on "Please Wait" #EXOS2 #ExploreStars

ttanquary@juno.com <ttanquary@...>

Hello Everyone.
I recently purchased the EXOS 2GT with Pmc-8 and have been experimenting with it for around a week.   I'm using  Windows 10 on a MacBook with Parallels. I'm connected to the PMC-8 via wifi on the Mac.  When I open Explore Stars, I am stuck with the message "Please Wait" on the left side.  I am able to slew the mount and utilize the database align and slew to objects ( though not accurately).   I've read through the forums and see that the "Please Wait" is typically a connection issue, but If I was not connected I would not be able to slew the mount.  Also, on the windows 10 side, I am able to successfully ping the mount using Ipconfig.  Are there any other reasons why the "Please Wait" notification never goes away?

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