Re: User Manual for Android version of ExploreStars? #ExploreStars #Android #VIDEO

Paul Mogg

Thank you for your quick and honest reply Jerry, I will check out that video.

While I'm here I just wanted to say that I'm very happy with my new purchase of an EXOS 2 mount, the hardware is obviously extremely good value for the money, and a high quality product. I was blown away last night by my first views of the Andromeda Galaxy with my own eyes, a moving experience, and the mount slewed to it perfectly for me after I did a careful Polar Alignment, and "1 star alignment" on Mars using the Sync button.

The ExploreStars software is also very good and I love the graphical user interface. I just now (finally) found out through someone else's post that you can go to the Main Menu /Catalog/  DURING the Alignment process to pick any star that is above the horizon, This is an indespensible  feature for a beginner like me who has only learned a few constellations so far, ...but I only found out about it by doing a lot of searching, the App itself gives no clue that this is possible. I will now try again tonight to do a 2 and 3 star alignment using this.

The lack of an up to-date-user manual for the software is a big frustration for a beginner. I don't like having to spend my day hunting through forums and videos for information that could be presented in a few simple sentences by the developers. With the mount itself I received a printed user manual in German ( that unfortunately I don't speak ) and another user manual that gave instructions for the Windows version of Explorestars only, which works quite differently to the Android version in many respects.

I'd also like to make the suggestion that you enable the ability to attach some kind of simplified, wired, hand controller, just for slewing manually and aligning, to be used in conjunction with the software. The Tablet controls DO NOT replace the tactile nature of a hand controllers' buttons ( IMHO ), that you can continue to look through your eyepiece while using, rather than having to look away and find the right button to press on the tablet. I think you could sell a few of those, and I'd be your first customer.

I hope you take my crtitique as being from someone who would only like to see a really good product further improved.

Best regards,

Paul Mogg

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