Re: User Manual for Android version of ExploreStars? #ExploreStars #Android #VIDEO


Hi All,

I will also purchase a hand controller if you want to make one. I'm doing visual astronomy. It is really a necessity for slewing around the moon and other objects. The iPad controls force you to take your eye off the eyepiece to slew. It does get tiring.

Maybe you can do a quick poll and see how many people would buy a hand controller if you made one. 

Main Telescope: Explore Scientific 152ED APO Refractor in Carbon Fiber
Mount: Explore Scientific EXOS2-GT Equatorial
Other Scopes: Meade 8"LX90 SCT, William Optics 66mm APO Refractor
Binoculars: Oberwerk 20x80 & 25x100 Giant Binoculars, Alpen 8x56

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